Sorsi d’Incanto Frizzante


Intense straw-yellow; the flavour has fruity and floral aromas ranging from yellow fruits to lavender and finishing with balsamic hints. The taste is harmonious, pleasant and very persistent.

Great for formal occasions in which the beautiful figure is a must. With this wine, even in the company of the most demanding people, you really can’t go wrong. As an aperitif, it can pave the way to an elegant dinner, not trivial; As a combination with a first course, to chose with proper care, it will enhance your culinary skills.

It goes well with recipes where the sweet-savory components come together in perfect harmony. It prefers delicate dishes ranging from appetizers to the main course. A seafood dish such as Carpaccio, a fine aged cheese with honey aroma, a flan of pumpkin flowers, it will enhance the citrus and sweet notes; a pumpkin and sage “farrotto” or a “risotto” with herbs, emphasize the flavour of balsamic vinegar.

Type Sparkling Dried Aromatic Malvasia di Candia of Piacenza hills DOC
Grapes Malvasia di Candia aromatica 100%
Alcohol 13% Vol.
Color Intense straw yellow;
Flavour It presents an explosion of fruity and floral aromas that range from yellow fruit, lavender, until balsamic.
Taste The taste is a sharp contrast with the aromas in olfactory warned: absolutely characteristic sought for this wine so unique and special, who loves to be remembered also for its dissonance. The sensations you feel while drinking it are pleasant, harmonious and persistent.