Innovative Technique

The cryoextraction aromatic ® was idealized in 2009. The studies about this process have been started with the analysis of the writings of C. Ollivier, a famous French winemaker and student of R. Gayon that lead to the concept that became the starting point for the experiments with the refrigerator:

"freezing and thawing of the skins and sub-epidermal strata fee of tissue ultrastructure changes and produce a better release of aromas and flavor precursors of grapes."

From this principle it was possible to begin a new procedure; by balancing precise temperature and specific treatment times to improve the extraction of grape aromas. Thanks to cold temperatures it was possible to implement the proprieties of our wine production.

The Tecnique

The aromatic cryoextraction® is a technique to enhance the aroma of the white wines. It is a heat treatment carried out directly on the intact grapes, to preserve and extract varietal aroma precursors.

The grapes, once collected, are promptly taken to a fridge cell where the temperature and humidity are constantly monitored. Only in this way it is possible to control the biochemical processes that take place in the grape.

This results in wines with aromatic sharp, fresh, floral, all essentials qualities for a white wine.

The benefits of this slow process are greater control of the actual temperature of the grapes, a minor pulping of the grapes in the pressing, a higher extraction (defined over dosage) of aromatic compounds.