Sensazioni d’Inverno


Amber crystal clear yellow; the flavour is intense, seductive, with aromatic scents that recall apricot and peaches jam, candied fruits and honey. The taste is velvety, soft and with a pleasant acidity that balances the sweetness.

Like any meditation wine worthy of the name, ‘Sensazioni d’inverno’ is the perfect companion in times of peace that we choose to devote to ourselves: such as reading a book, an intimate dinner, listening to good music in front of the fireplace.

Interesting pairing with cheeses, cured or blue. It has classical approach to sweets, chocolate, cakes made with ricotta cheese, fruit and pastries. For the real connoisseurs, and for those who love to combine a wine of excellence with haute cuisine, we recommend the fois gras served on a brioche bread still warm.

Type: Wine of Piacenza hills DOC Malvasia di Candia Aromatic
Grapes: ]100% Malvasia di Candia aromatic
Appearance: Amber shining
Bouquet: Intense and olfactory impact of considerable complexity with notes of ripe fruits such as apricot, peach and candied fruit
Taste: Sweet, honey-like consistency, which is characterized by a mix of jam and hints of ripe fruit mixed with savory notes and fresh; the taste in the mouth is long and harmonic marked by a return of perfumes
Gradation: 13%

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