Sasso della Luna


Every two days the bunches are turned manually undergoing a further selection phase which involves the removal of the grapes not suitable for winemaking. The duration of the withering process in the shade is about 100 days, after this phase there will be one last final “withering”: the one in the cold room. Thanks to this last stationing, the bunches reach a temperature close to zero which allows to preserve the pleasant acid note which makes the final product so balanced. The pressing of the product takes place in the period of the end of January. The must obtained undergoes fermentation in oak barrels and takes place over an entire year due to its high sugar concentration. The wine is never filtered.

The combination with savory, seasoned or blue cheeses is interesting. The combination with chocolate and chocolate-based desserts is more classic. The combination with hot cooked shoulder is captivating.

Type: Red wine
Grapes: 80% Croatina and 20% Syrah
Appearance: intense ruby red wine with violet reflections
Bouquet: intense, broad and of considerable complexity with marked notes of ripe fruit
Taste: Red fruits such as strawberry, cherry, blueberry and raspberry predominate, but there are hints of vanilla. A wine more to eat than to drink
Gradation: 13.5%

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