Per Elisa


Intense straw-yellow colour tending to golden. On the nose prevail a soft smell of floral aromas with rose and jasmine and an intense notes of grapefruit. In the mouth it find a intense taste of the grapefruit combined with feelings of freshness and flavour.

It’s a fine wine, for special occasions. It’s delicacy and elegance with which it occurs in the bottle makes it great for dinner parties ranging from the first date to a formal dinner with colleagues.

It’s a wine that goes well with any meal but that is able to exploit some very good dishes, especially haute cuisine, made from shellfish, creamy pasta sauces and spices.

Type: Freeze Dried Ortrugo DOC obtained with the aromatic cryoextraction®
Grapes: 100% Ortrugo
Appearance: Intense straw yellow tending to golden
Bouquet: Floral aromas prevail in pink, white musk and jasmine but also fruity grapefruit and lychee where stand
Taste: Characterized by intense freshness and flavor, finesse and persistence
Gradation: 12%

Douja D'Or
Concorso Enologico Pramaggiore
Premio Qualità Italia
Concorso Internazionale La Selezione del Sindaco