Ortugo Frizzante


A fine and persistent foam is the setting for a pale straw yellow color; on the nose stands a floral notes as well as on the palate.

Together with Gutturnio sparkling wine it’s the cornerstone of Piacenza tradition. It is ideal for casual occasions; and it is the classic wine to drink with company.

It can be the main ingredient of the aperitif called “tout court” or it can be the spirited ingredient of cocktails. It goes well with all the menus from classic to delicate flavour due to its versatility and mild aroma.

Type: Sparkling Dry Ortrugo DOC
Grapes: Ortrugo 100%
Appearance: Gialyellow-straw colour with green hues; with lingering and delicate spume
Bouquet: It has a characteristic fragrance, fresh and delicate with intense floral scents that recall jasmine and linden
Taste: Dry, floral and with a slightly bitter aftertaste typical of these grapes
Gradation: 12%