17 Noir


The grapes arrive in the cellar in wooden boxes ready to face a final selection on a conveyor belt (table de trie). This operation allows the elimination of non-qualitative berries. Then follow destemming and crushing for the Barbera with conveyance of the crushed grapes in a thermo-controlled tank; the maceration continues for 40 days during which the product is worked with punching down and pumping over in order to allow the extraction of important compounds for the body and longevity of the wine. Croatina and Syrah are dried in the shade for 60 days, after which they are also pressed and, after 40 days of maceration, the wine is aged in barriques. The controls and care employed in this phase are essential to guarantee the heritage on which time will act. In fact, following various tests, it has been obtained that the best final balance is given by an initial aging in barriques for 12 months, a subsequent static decantation in steel tanks for another 6 months and finally a rest of 12 months in the bottle.

Meat dishes such as red meats, braised meats and game. Thanks to the hints of raisin of the grapes, this wine also accompanies dishes with sweet and sour flavors, including Asian and Middle Eastern and typical traditional dishes. Meditation wine, it is the ideal companion for pleasant conversation and evenings in front of the fireplace.

Type: still dry and velvety
Grapes: Barbera 33%, Croatina 33%, Syrah 33%
Appearance: intense ruby red wine tending towards garnet
Bouquet: intense olfactory impact, spicy, warm and ripe fruit aromas
Taste: well structured and decisive wine, it stands out for its full and refined taste, on the palate it is elegant, of great complexity, well balanced, full-bodied and soft with hints of dried grapes
Gradation: 15.7%