Stille di vanità


Cherry red tending to purple; On the nose it has a hints of floral, fruity citrus and slightly spicy aroma. On the palate it has a fruity, delicate taste intensely aromatic and very persistent.

It’s a wine created for the woman; Its an excellent companion for dinners between friends or for carefree evening.

It pairs perfectly with classic appetizers , with starters based on seafood, with sushi and sashimi, and also with light pasta dishes. Because of Its sensitivity it is also suggested for summer fish salads and shellfish’s main course.

Type Sparkling Rosé is winemaking in terracotta jar
Grapes Malvasia 50% red, 40% Greek, 10% Croatina
Alcohol 11% Vol.
Color Rosé cherry red tending to purple
Flavour On the nose it has fruity and floral scents; at first u particularly feel citrus fruits such as pink grapefruit, on the hand prevail a scent of rose and jasmine. All of this is enhanced by spicy notes that makes the bouquet delicate and complex.
Taste The liveliness of the little bubbles makes the impact with this wine very pleasant; the acidity is strong but not overbearing, thanks to the balance of softness given by the aromatic contribution of refinement in the jar. The aftertaste, very intense and persistent, is mainly characterized by notes of honey.