Figlio Mio


Ruby red colour tending to purple; On the nose prevail the intense aromas of ripe red fruits where it is possible to clearly distinguish strawberry, cherry, blueberry and a hint of cloves. In the mouth you can taste the fruity aromas perceived on the nose with the prevalence of the blueberry.

If you have an important dinner on the agenda with old friends, this is the perfect wine. A wine that knows how to surprise but not at all pretentious, able to brighten the spirits and to convince even the most skeptical that not always “sparkling” means second-rate. For those who want to break the routine, we recommend it as a creative idea for a theme night or as the star of a dinner hosted by a chef at home.

Goes well with traditional dishes from Piacenza, but thanks to its modern taste, it can become the perfect companion for culinary experiments also less typical.

Type Sparkling Dry Gutturnio DOC obtained with the aromatic cryoextraction®
Grapes Barbera 60%, Croatina 40% Allevamento guyot modificato piacentino; potatura media; Densità d’impianto 3500 ceppi/Ha; Produzione 90; Terreno franco-argilloso.
Alcohol 12% Vol.
Color A slight froth frames with a ruby red color tending to purple;
Flavour The aromas are intense and well-defined and relate mainly red fruits such as strawberry, cherry and blueberry. More light are the spicy notes which prevails among the clove;
Taste In the mouth the fullness of this wine makes the experience of tasting it like when you taste a red fruits salad; its smoothness, its full-bodied and intense aroma of red berries, makes a wine more like to eat than to drink.
Volume 12ml